What do you need to know about Gong.io?

What do you need to know about Gong.io?

Gong is a revolutionary AI-powered sales platform that helps organizations use data to grow their business. Gong is a data insights platform for organizations of any size, from retail to enterprise. It enables companies to capture the knowledge of seasoned sales professionals and utilize it for their own sales teams.

Gong is a sales analytics & coaching platform that ties in with your CRM to give you real-time data on what’s working and what’s not. The AI automatically analyzes the conversations happening on your phone and surfaces exactly what needs to be improved. Gong also helps you understand the best ways to work with your team members, so you can double the number of opportunities you close.

Gong.io is an AI-powered Sales Intelligence Platform that uses video and phone call capture, data analysis, and artificial intelligence to help you improve your sales process.

Personalized training

Gong.io combines video and phone call capture with data analysis to analyze the trends and methods of top salespeople, creating a personalized training program for newer members to increase success rates.

Real-time insights

Gong.io is an intelligent platform that collects data in real time and provides actionable insights to help you make better decisions while on the go.

No more guesswork

Gong.io uses machine learning algorithms and AI to generate insightful data that helps you make informed decisions.


Gong.io has made my job much easier. I can use a single platform to track everything, from leads to documents, which saves me hours of wasted time every week. My manager has been asking me for more ideas on how Gong.io could be improved and I have some great ones!

  • Claire P.

One of the best things about Gong.io is that it’s affordable and accessible to everyone. It provides a platform for businesses to track the performance of their sales force and make sure that they’re doing well. I’m able to utilize video and phone call capture, data and email analysis for my business insights which are essential for any business looking to grow their team. Gong!

  • Thomas A.