Our take on Otter.ai

Otter is a revolutionary new platform that makes collaboration easy, productive, and fun. Otter’s AI-powered note-taking software provides real time, accurate notes for any meeting with your whole team - including text, image, & video. And because Otter is always capturing your meeting, it’s easy to find discussions later on - making it just as useful outside the meeting as inside!

Otter is an AI assistant that will help you remember everything. Otter’s AI is always on, always connected, and always ready to take notes for you. Get the benefits of an assistant by giving Otter full access to your Google Drive and other cloud storage providers. Stop worrying about forgetting important conversations or events at work, ask Otter to take notes for you for free.

Empowering your team

Otter is a note-taking app that lets you collaborate with your team members to take notes in real time.

All your notes stored in one place

With Otter, you can take notes anywhere and have them saved securely on your account. Otter will then sync all the notes with the team, so that they can be accessed from any device anytime.

No more forgetting what’s been said

Otter will automatically transcribe any voice or video recordings into text. So even if you forget to take notes, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

Collaborate with your teammates in real time

Otter makes it easy for teams to collaborate in real time and make decisions together as they work through an idea or project.


I’m so glad I found Otter.ai. I was wasting time using other note-taking apps, but with Otter.ai, all my notes are in one place and synced across all of my devices! The staff is super responsive too, whenever I need to change a password or email address, they’re always there to help me out!

  • Tom K.

I’ve used Otter.ai for almost a year and I’m very impressed with how it has helped me in my job. It’s always there when I need it, giving me important information about clients, prospects and other people that are important to the team. What really helps is its organization; once you start using Otter.ai, you’ll never have to worry!

  • Julie C.