Our take on Gong.io

Our take on Gong.io

Track your sales conversations or those of your reps live in Gong.io. It’s the only sales call transcription tool to transcribe and analyze calls in real-time for insights on what’s working and what needs to change. Use Gong.io as a standalone product, or integrate it with your CRM for a 360 degree view of every one of your deals.


Empower your team

Gong.io transcribes, analyzes and records all your sales calls, so you can drive sales effectiveness across your entire team.

Boost productivity with Gong

Gong’s AI improves the quality of your team’s conversations, so they can spend more time closing deals and less time doing busy work.


Gong.io is a must have today. It’s a game changer in helping you close more deals by recording, transcribing, and analyzing all your sales conversations. It has helped me become a better salesperson by listening to my past calls and identifying some of my weaker points so I was able to work on them.

  • Bill R. (Sales executive at Fortune 1000 company)

Gong.io is a very simple but effective tool. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have seen a noticeable improvement in my conversion rates. In addition, it’s making the sales process much more efficient because it takes out the need to spend time on manual note taking and transcription. Highly recommend to anyone who has any kind of sales team!

  • Tom K. (Sales trainer at SMB company)