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Are you placing calls from within HubSpot? Or using one of the many third party dialers for HubSpot? Find all the ways you can get advanced AI analysis from those calls.

Fireflies connects to your HubSpot account and automatically imports all calls so that you can easily analyze and review you and your teams’ calls. Think of Fireflies as your personal note-taker - always there to capture every important moment!

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Reach new heights in your sales performance by using Notejoy and HubSpot CRM together. The integration of these two solutions allow you to capture notes and ideas, organize them in a neat way, and even share them with your team and customers. Be aware of the efficiency gains that you’ll get with our app, so download it today and see for yourself!

Notejoy is designed to remove the pain of note-taking & sharing, making it easy and fun to capture, organize, and share your notes with the people who need them most. Now sales professionals can more efficiently capture, organize, and share their notes.

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Deana Russ

Deana Russ

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