Our take on Invoca

Our take on Invoca

Invoca’s intelligent conversation platform is designed to give your business a competitive edge. It enables you to easily and instantly turn raw data into actionable insights and automate next steps, turning every digital touchpoint into a personalized experience. With Invoca, you can easily capture and analyze every customer interaction, translating it into automated action.

Setting up your first call? Invoca’s got you covered. You’ll never have to worry about the mundane tasks of looking up contacts, assigning leads, or tracking conversions with Invoca. We integrate with your CRM to streamline your workflow, reduce lead abandonments and increase conversions. You can even trigger automated conversation flows based on specific events in your CRM, like an abandoned shopping cart on an ecommerce site.

Make your business more human

Invoca enables businesses to automate their digital interactions and humanize every customer interaction. Supporting four key areas: lead generation, customer service, marketing, and sales, Invoca is a strategic partner that helps you connect with your customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

Optimize your customer experience

Customer experience optimization is the new battleground for brands. Invoca helps you create a seamless experience for your customers by leveraging data from all channels - email, phone calls, text messages, social media - to create personalized conversations that deliver results.

Digital transformation made easy

With Invoca’s platform, businesses can easily track and measure their interactions with customers across multiple channels in order to make better informed decisions about how to improve their business. The AI-powered engine automatically learns what messages work best for each customer and delivers them when they need it most.

Chrissie Themann

Chrissie Themann

Chrissie Themann is a senior sales executive since three years at Voice Intelligence, helping our customers craft a deep knowledge about the online voice-recording industry.

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