Find your voice with Listnr. Read our review first.

Find your voice with Listnr. Read our review first.

Need to create a Text to Speech audio in seconds? Use Listnr’s Text to Speech tool to convert your written content into a professional sounding audio recording, in seconds.

Listnr is a super-simple, text-to-speech audio creation tool that lets you generate audio files in a flash. It’s perfect for making podcasts, voice memos, voice messages and more. You can even paste your blog’s URL into the text box to generate an audio version of your latest blog post.

Why Listnr?

Simple as 1-2-3

We offer the best experience when it comes to creating Text to Speech audio in seconds. All you need is a text content of your choice or you can paste your blog URL into our text-to-speech converter, select any voice from our voice menu and press submit. That’s it!

Distribute with a single click

Listnr offers the easiest way to distribute your audio content. Once you have created an audio file with Listnr, upload it to any service (e.g: iTunes) or website that supports distribution of sound files - that’s all!

Quality you can trust

Listnr uses Google Cloud Text To Speech as its default speech engine which makes for an amazing quality of output with minimal background noise or distortion.

Chrissie Themann

Chrissie Themann

Chrissie Themann is a senior sales executive since three years at Voice Intelligence, helping our customers craft a deep knowledge about the online voice-recording industry.

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