Our take on Observe.ai

Observe.AI is redefining the workplace and the customer experience. Our Intelligent Workforce Platform infuses AI in every call, optimizing agent performance and eliminating repetitive tasks - all with our predictive AI technology. We’re transforming customer service by driving customer retention, upselling opportunities and booking more appointments. We’re making customer service better for agents, customers, and companies alike.

The worker’s revolution is here! Join the global movement to build a better future for humanity by dramatically transforming your work using Observe.AI, the world’s first Intelligent Workforce Platform. We’re infusing AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimizing agent performance and automating repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention - all while humanizing work with features like chatbots, predictive analytics and personalization.

Be an agent of change

Observe.AI is a new form of workforce optimization. It infuses AI into 100% of customer conversations and automates repeatable workflows that drive revenue and retention.

AI for everyone

Observe.AI’s intelligent platform is the perfect way to increase efficiency, enhance customer experience, and reduce operational costs for your business.

Enhance customer experience

Customer experience is central to the success of any business. Observe.AI optimizes every aspect of your interactions with customers to generate a personalized, humanized experience that leaves them happy and coming back for more.

Optimize agent performance

With Observe.AI, you don’t need to worry about investing in training or hiring expensive agents to manage high-volume workloads - it’s all handled by our intelligent platform, so you can focus on driving revenue!

Automate repeatable workflows

Your workloads are repetitive and time-consuming? Your agents spend hours on data entry? With Observe.AI, we automate these tasks for you in just a few clicks so your agents can focus on what really matters: driving revenue!


I’ve been using Observe.ai for a few weeks now and I can say it’s the best software I’ve ever used in customer service. It’s so user-friendly and intuitive that I had no trouble in figuring out how to use it the first time. By integrating AI into all our customer conversations, we have improved agent performance by 9% and have reduced customers.

  • Tom K.

Observe.ai has been a game-changer for our company. We have seen significant improvements in customer satisfaction and productivity since implementing it in all of our call center operations. It’s not just the machine learning AI, but also the Observe.ai team that makes this product great. There is a lot of very good talent on the team and they are always super!

  • Julie C.