Our take on OrecX

OrecX is the most affordable, simple to use call recording software that is available for use with your VoIP provider. With Oreka, you can record phone calls easily and affordably. It’s the most user-friendly way to record your calls and has many features such as managing recording policies, recording and playback files, event records, and more.

Record all your customer conversations and have them automatically transcribed in real time with OrecX’s open-source call recording software - the best in the industry. Call centers and VoIP providers no longer have to spend hours managing poor quality recordings. With OrecX, you can record every conversation with HD audio quality and get the transcripts for your customer service agents to work from.

Start recording

OrecX is an open-source, scalable call recording software suite (with no installation) that has been used by enterprises worldwide.

No installation required

Get started in minutes — install OrecX in minutes and start recording calls with zero impact to your IT team.

Open-source and open-platform

OrecX is an open-source, scalable call recording software suite that has been developed collaboratively by IT professionals for IT professionals. We offer two different editions of Oreka - one for enterprise use, the other for small businesses.

Call recordings for all your needs

We offer a full suite of solutions from basic call recording to more complex solutions such as compliance monitoring and quality assurance.

Clayton Aireton

Clayton Aireton

Clayton Aireton is an integration manager since three years at Voice Intelligence, helping our customers craft a deep knowledge about the online voice-recording industry.

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