Our take on Recordator

Recordator.com is the easiest way to record calls. You can record every call, automatically, on any mobile device, without any setup. It just works!

Recordator.com is an app that you can use to record your phone calls and upload them to the cloud for easy access and editing. It’s available for everyone, so you can be stress-free about privacy and security. With this recording service you’ll also be able to find any recording on your computer or mobile device with just a few clicks.

Recordator.com: The quickest and easiest way to record your calls

With Recordator.com, it’s easier than ever to take high-quality recordings of your calls from any mobile device!

Never miss a detail

Recordator.com is the fastest and easiest way to capture every detail of your call - simply type in a call number, hit the dial button, and you’re on your way.

Start recording now with Recordator

You can start recording your call in a matter of seconds with Recordator — simply type in a phone number, hit the ‘Start Recording’ button, and voila! Your call has been scheduled for recording.

Professional recordings, no equipment needed

Recordator offers professional-grade audio recordings at an affordable price - all without any heavy equipment or difficult setups. It’s that easy!


I would like to recommend Recordator.com because it is a quick and easy solution for anyone looking for recording their calls. I have used Recordator for so many times, either with my personal or professional phone number and it always works perfectly. It supports all mobile device, including the newest iPhones and Android models.

  • Tom K.

I had been looking for a great recording app to use on my phone, but couldn’t find an affordable one with the same quality as Recordator. Recordator is not only easy to download and use, but also gives me high-quality recordings of my calls. I no longer have to worry about people misunderstanding me or missing important details - Recordator has changed everything!

  • Julie C.