Our take on Talkdesk

At Talkdesk, we think customer experience should never end. We believe AI should be in the palm of your hand always, to provide personalized service. You need a virtual agent that can go no only fulfill your customer’s needs, but also predict their wants. That’s why Talkdesk is a complete solution for your customer service needs.

Talkdesk is the world’s first AI-powered, beautifully simple customer service software. We believe that better customer experiences start with artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, companies can not only respond to a customer’s needs and wants seamlessly across channels with personalized, intelligent service, but also predict and prevent potential issues. Talkdesk is upending the status quo and rewriting the rule book on customer experience management.

The power of real-time customer engagement

Talkdesk is the only communications platform that unifies omnichannel customer engagement and delivers a consistent, personalized experience across all channels - phone, chat, social media and more.

Better conversations across all channels

With Talkdesk’s integrated communications platform, your company’s agents can engage with customers on the channel of their choice — from phone to chat to social media — in a personal and consistent way.

Predict future needs and wants

Talkdesk lets you use artificial intelligence to predict future customer needs and wants, so your company can be proactive in meeting their needs. You’ll improve customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

Customer service made easy

Talkdesk gives you the ability to provide top-level customer service for all your customers quickly and easily with no additional investment in infrastructure or employees.


Talkdesk has been a lifesaver for my company. Our customer service reps were getting inundated with calls and emails, which is not a sustainable model. The AI built into Talkdesk is fantastic and it’s made our lives so much easier! We don’t have to worry about staffing, we just let the chatbots do their jobs!

  • Tom K.

Talkdesk is the future. We’ve been using it for over a year, and it’s been really great! It’s so easy to use, and offers us so many new opportunities for better customer experiences. Talkdesk is the best AI chatbot in the market right now!

  • Julie C.