Our take on Tethr

Our take on Tethr

Tethr is an AI-powered Customer Intelligence Platform. Whether you need to know what your customers want or how they feel, Tethr will help you find the answers. We do this through an innovative Product VoC Technology that uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to create a Customer Voice for any product or service.

With Tethr, you can listen to your customers in a whole new way. Discover what they say about your business and use their insights to make improvements. Tethr is an AI-powered customer feedback platform that listens, understands & acts on all the feedback you need to generate a more positive customer experience and dominate your market.

Customer feedback, reimagined

VoC is the next frontier. We’re putting your customer conversations in context by letting you see what customers really think of your products, services, and more.

Instant insights for better customer care

Helping you provide a better customer experience starts with understanding what your customers really want. Tethr makes it easy to find out with just a few clicks.

Discover what works and what doesn’t

Knowing what to do next is the tricky part. Tethr helps you explore the landscape of customer feedback and quickly gain insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Make better decisions in a flash!

Save time now and in the future

Tethr saves you time by giving you instant access to VoC data and insights that can help improve your customer experience today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Finn Romain

Finn Romain

Finn Romain is a marketing manager since three years at Voice Intelligence, helping our customers craft a deep knowledge about the online voice-recording industry.

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